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The Best Natural Pills To Burn Fat

Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide that is extracted with alkaline substances from the hard exterior of crustaceans, such as shellfish. Chitosan is used medically to decrease bleeding for wound dressings and it has been proposed, because of its ability to bind to lipids and decrease their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, to lower cholesterol and body weight ). Nine studies (conducted between 1996 and 2016) were identified, of which only one was classified as having a low risk of bias . Studies were conducted in North America (n = 2), Southeast Asia and Europe (n = 2 each). Three were industry sponsored, and the number of participants ranged from 10 to 125 per arm, with a range for follow-up of 1 month to 24 weeks. The median age was the 30s (range, 23.1-54.5), no participants were above age 65, and most studies were conducted in females. Five studies demonstrated statistically significant differences between arms, and three did not report any such differences. The Best Natural Pills To Burn Fat The article with a low risk of bias demonstrated a statistically significant pre/post between-group change in weight of 2.3 kg over 6 weeks  (Supporting Information Tables S5A-D).

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