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Body Fat Burning Supplements


Mind-body interventions that were evaluated for weight loss efficacy included behavioral therapies (e.g., mindfulness, stress management), hypnosis, meditation, and massage. In general, these strategies are designed to target maladaptive food behaviors such as cravings and hedonic eating. Of the 22 RCTs conducted between 1980 and 2017, only 2 (9%) were classified as having a low risk of bias . Studies were primarily conducted in North America (n = 12), Europe (n = 8), and Asia (n = 2). Funding was not reported in the majority of the studies (n = 15, 68%); of the six that did report on funding, all were governmental/institutional. The number of participants ranged between 5 and 100 within each cohort. Length of follow-up ranged from 4 weeks to 18 months. Body Fat Burning Supplements The percentage women ranged from 10% to 100%, with seven including only women. Only six (27%) studies reported significant findings for greater weight loss compared with control. Two studies with a low risk of bias did not report pre/post intragroup differences in weight change (Supporting Information Tables S13A-D).

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